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Here’s the post I promised. I know this isn’t the most nuanced thing I could have written, but the feminist blog world as a whole is a pretty unfriendly place to those to don’t fit their template. 

Caperton, the original post’s author, added this to the discussion over at Feministe this afternoon. It pretty accurately sums up what I feel about the whole mess:

And the whole “loser” debate is one of the things that bugged me the most from the very beginning–not that Jeltsen should have forced herself to stay in an unfulfilling relationship, but that the piece was so dismissive in its description of Duke’s cat and his skateboard and his lack of ambition, as contrasted with her nightly intellectual conversations and expanding vocabulary. If the two of you weren’t compatible, you weren’t compatible; don’t paint me a picture of some sweet but un-launched schlub out of some need to justify it.